Song Jiu Tea
  • How to request tea samples?
    Feel free to call us for inquiries or connect with our official Line account to learn more and request tea samples.
    TEL: 06-245-1599
    Line ID: 062451599
  • Customized minimum order quantity (MOQ)
    According to brand requirements, Song Jiu can customizes high-quality tea flavors with a minimum order quantity starting from 60 catties (36 kilograms).
  • Shipping cost calculation
    For a single order, free shipping is available for purchases of 12 kgs/20 catties or more. If the order is less than 20 catties, the shipping fee is 150 NTD per box.
  • How to place an order ?
    You can add Song Jiu's Line account or contact us directly at (06)245-1599 to place an order.
  • Ordering and delivery working days
    Orders are scheduled for shipment on the next day, and shipping is expected to take three to four business days. In the case of holidays, the schedule may be extended. For special custom products or during specific holidays (e.g., long weekends, festivals), the above-mentioned timeline may not apply.
  • Is it possible to pick up the order directly if my residence is nearby?
    No problem. If you have any requirements, feel free to contact us and you can pick up the order at our business address to save on shipping costs and time.
  • Payment methods
    We accept bank transfers (shipment after payment confirmation) and cash on delivery.
  • Have the tea passed pesticide testing?
    Song Jiu insists that all products must comply with the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration, and undergo batch inspections for pesticide residues. Only tea that meet the standards for pesticide residues are allowed to be stored in the warehouse.