Song Jiu Tea

Founded in 1985 in Tainan,
Song Jiu Tea Company has dedicated over forty years to the research and supply of tea.

Deeply rooted in Taiwan, we continuously enhance the quality and production of Taiwanese oolong tea, taking it as our mission to promote the Taiwanese brand and allow the world to savor its excellence through the export of Taiwanese tea.

Through expanding our scope and generating increasing demands, we aspire to lead the industry in a positive cycle, bridging the current generational gap and overcoming the challenges of Techniques decline.

Beyond Taiwanese tea, Song Jiu strives to satisfy customer needs and achieve their goals by importing a variety of high-quality tea, providing customers with diverse and competitive choices.

On the global tea map, various tea cultures converge at Song Jiu, akin to a small yet profound star. Here, the world's finest tea come together for evaluation, resulting in brilliant collisions that emit an even more dazzling radiance.