Song Jiu Tea
  • Black Tea Series

    Black Tea Series

    By combining renowned international black tea regions and domestic core resources, we master high-quality raw materials and employ distinctive blending techniques.

  • Jasmine Green Tea

    Jasmine Green Tea

    The tea is meticulously selected and blended to enhance the richness of the tea aroma and provide a more dimensional taste.

  • Taiwanese Partially Fermented Tea

    Taiwanese Partially Fermented Tea

    Researching public preferences, we meticulously craft the fragrant Oolong tea.

  • Taiwanese Heavy roasting Oolong tea

    Taiwanese Heavy roasting Oolong tea

    Special ancient crafting techniques nurture the perfect roasting flavor

  • Exquisite Tea Gift Set

    Exquisite Tea Gift Set

    In addition to offering a diverse range of commercial tea products, SONG JIU has established deep collaborations with renowned tea-producing regions in Taiwan, such as Fuxing Lishan, Dayu Ling, and Alishan High Mountain Tea.