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Taiwanese Heavy roasting Oolong tea

Taiwanese Heavy roasting Oolong tea

Special ancient crafting techniques nurture the perfect roasting flavor

Following the traditional Tongding oolong tea-making method, the fermentation level of the tea leaves is maintained at approximately 35%-45%. In addition to the basic processes of withering, rolling, and fermentation, the tea master must repeatedly loosen the tea leaves, undergo multiple drying and rolling cycles, and incorporate meticulous roasting steps. The intricate procedures require precise handling to present the classic flavor in just the right balance.

Flavor Profile

Aroma: Warm and comforting ripe fruits, harmonious roast, caramel sweetness, lingering and full-bodied.
Taste: Rich and mellow with a sweet sensation of ripe fruits, irresistibly delicious, never tiresome after repeated sips.
Liquor Color: Amber gemstone, deep and elegant.

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Having cultivated the domestic and international tea beverage market for many years, SONG JIU offers a wide range of business teas with diverse flavors from different countries. We also provide Taiwan's classic teas, including Dayu Ling, Fuxing Lishan, and Oriental Beauty. In recent years, we have been honored with the ITI Excellent Flavor Award, showcasing our commitment to quality. Feel free to call or visit us for inquiries.