Song Jiu Tea
  • Pesticide Residue Issues
    Firstly, analyzing from the perspective of plant cultivation management, the pesticides currently in use are all lipophilic agents.
    These are types of chemicals that are not easily washed away by water and tend to dissolve slowly. The lipophilic nature causes the pesticides to remain on the tea rather than leaching into the tea infusion.
    Therefore, the pesticides are not consumed when we drink the tea. As long as the pesticide residues on the tea comply with regulatory standards, there should be no health concerns.
    Song Jiu insists on strict pesticide inspections for all tea products, using only high-quality tea that meet national regulatory standards for production and consumption by customers.
    *Additional note: The first steeping in Gongfu tea, known as the 'warm and gentle steep,' aims to help the tightly rolled tea leaves unfold, allowing the subsequent steepings to fully express their essence and flavors. It is unrelated to washing away or removing pesticides.
  • Origin Labeling Issues
    Since January 1, 2021, the Ministry of Health and Welfare has mandated that all businesses selling various loose tea label the country of origin. In the case of tea blended from different sources, the origin must be labeled in proportion from highest to lowest, facilitating consumer identification.