Song Jiu Tea
Black Tea Series

Black Tea Series

By combining renowned international black tea regions and domestic core resources,
we master high-quality raw materials and employ distinctive blending techniques.

SONG JIU allows tea from different regions to showcase their unique terroir, bringing together the flavor strengths and weaknesses of each region. With a comprehensive consideration of market acceptance, marketing stories, and in-store production efficiency, we assist in guiding the brand towards the right path when designing beverages.

For more detailed information on tea products from various regions, please feel free to contact us, and we will provide tea samples for you to explore.

Having cultivated the domestic and international tea beverage market for many years, SONG JIU offers a wide range of business teas with diverse flavors from different countries. We also provide Taiwan's classic teas, including Dayu Ling, Fuxing Lishan, and Oriental Beauty. In recent years, we have been honored with the ITI Excellent Flavor Award, showcasing our commitment to quality. Feel free to call or visit us for inquiries.