Song Jiu Tea

At Song Jiu, we uphold integrity and remain dedicated to our core business.
In the face of challenges, we approach them with a proactive and humble attitude, supporting our customers' long-term sustainable development.

From meticulous harvesting and dedicated craftsmanship to professional tasting, customized flavor development, and efficient and heartfelt service, Song Jiu meticulously ensures quality for our customers at every stage. With dedication, we have accompanied the growth of the Taiwanese tea beverage market.


In the wake of food safety crises in Taiwanese society, be it pesticide exceedances or deceptive mixing of teas, Song Jiu stands unwaveringly, adhering to principles of integrity and continuing to thrive. We insist that all our products comply with the regulations set by the Food and Drug Administration, following the evaluation standards of the Council of Agriculture to produce high-quality tea leaves with excellent aroma, flavor, and color.

Our Belief:
Integrity Rooted / Perpetual Learning /
Professional Competence / Stable Quality /
Firm Convictions / Proactive Actions /
Sincere Attitudes /
Customer Achievements /
Effective Integration /
Innovative Resources /
Overcoming Challenges /
Taking Responsibility